Sheet metal products in India

Sheet metal products in India

PRK Fabricators Pvt Ltd pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading sheet metal products in India. sheet metal is a difficult and complex process which requires expertise to work on it. Sheet metal involves a lot of shaping and bending procedures to achieve the right size, seal hollows, and correct bad shapes. We hold a hard-working team of skilled designers, technicians, and engineers who apply their professional talent to come up with the best results. We also have the latest technology and expertise in laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, and surface treatment of sheet metal. Each and every product is thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest standards of quality. We provide these products in various sizes and we also customize our products as per the need of our clients. Wish to buy sheet metal products in India? Place your order at PRK FABRICATORS PVT LTD

Sheet Metal Process

Sheet Metal processes include cutting, bending, rolling, forming, stamping, welding, etc.

Sheet metal cutting includes latest techniques which are used to cut metals into smaller pieces so that it can be moulded or formed into components. Sheet metal forming is used to provide specific shapes to sheet metal. While sheet metal rolling process, more roll stands is used to shape a strip of flat-rolled metal to the desired cross-section. Finally, Sheet metal Stamping is used onto materials with pressurized tools and dies.

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sheet metal products in India