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Aluminium Electrical Enclosures Supplier

Aluminium Electrical Enclosures Supplier

PRK Fabricators Pvt Ltd, Aluminium Electrical Enclosures Supplier Aluminium Electrical Enclosures Supplierrange is fully featured and designed for the use of wide variety of electrical applications. The aluminium electrical enclosures of the PRK Fabricators used for a variety of applications, example for power supplies, mounting terminals, operational, switches & display elements or electronic subassemblies.

Why use Aluminium Electrical Enclosures?

Since many electrical & electronics use sensitive magnets, extruded aluminium is an ideal material to use for manufacturing enclosures because it's a non-magnetic and doesn't spark, melt or rust. Aluminium extrusions are also versatile, lightweight and durable and they can be customized to fit the needs of any project. Most importantly, extruded aluminium conducts electricity twice as well as copper. Aluminium extrusions can also be found in electrical systems like air conditioners, automobile radiators, nuclear reactors, condenser tubes, pharmaceutical thawing units, audio/visual systems, the heating and cooling devices of computers.

Applications of Aluminium Electrical Enclosures:

  • Transportation
  • Process Industry
  • Packing Industry
  • Port Facilities
  • Machinery
  • Hazardous Areas
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